Kitchen Thermometers

Kitchen Thermometers

A long time ago when cooking or baking you used to have to tell if something was cooked by the look or the fell of food. Those days are gone and we now have digital kitchen thermometers which take some of the guess work out of cooking. There are loads of these appliances on the market and we thought we would take a quick look at what two thermometers we think are the best and what ones you should stay away from. A kitchen thermometer is an essential piece of every kitchen so we want to make sure you get the best value for money but also which one is the safest fro your family and dinner guests.

Taylor Precision Products Dual Temperature Thermometer

This is a two in one thermometer which measures internal temperatures with a probe but can also read surface temperatures using infrared. This is a really great feature because it adds a new element of cleanliness into your kitchen. The probe itself will be able to read temperatures up to 626 degrees so guessing the heat in a roast, frying oil or melted sugar will be a thing of the past with this little gadget. The infra red sensor will even read temperature of frozen items up to -67 so checking food for defrosting is perfect with this. This product is waterproof but you don’t want to be submerging it in water. Superb thermometer. this will cost you around £50.

Surround Point Digital Talking Instant Thermometer

This is another great little thermometer. It lacks some of the features of the Taylor Precision but is spot on if you need something slightly cheaper. Coming in at around the £10 you can see why many might choose this option. One great feature this has over the Taylor Precision it that this thermometer will actually speak the temperature to you. Thats great if you any working in a dimly lit oven or even if you have difficulty seeing the numbers. It also has an LED backlight which can help you to see the information display. It take slightly longer to get an accurate reading with this one but it can handle temperatures from -58 degrees up to 572 degrees. That is slightly less than the Taylor Precision but thats what you would expect for the price you are paying.

Overall both are great products. They one place they really differ is the price but that is up to you.


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